Police arrest 50 ISIS supporters in Israel

Most were released shortly after their arrest and are now under surveillance.


Israel’s police have arrested about 50 Islamic State (ISIS) sympathizers in the country following the recent terror attacks in Beersheba and Hadera, which claimed eight lives and were carried out by terrorists who pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Most of them were released shortly after their arrest and questioning and are now under surveillance.

Most recently, Israeli security forces arrested an Arab from the city of Qalansuwa in the center of the country on Sunday night on suspicion of incitement to terrorism and support of ISIS, a proscribed organization in Israel.

The suspect, in his 30s, was found to be in the possession of ISIS flags, ISIS rings, and other propaganda materials.

Security tensions in Israel are high, after a series of terror attacks in the Jerusalem area, the murder of four Israelis in Beersheba, the murder of another two in Hadera by Islamist terrorists, and the latest attack in Bnei Brak that left five dead, as well as during the Muslim month of Ramadan, which usually spells an uptick in Muslim violence and acts of terrorism in Israel.

The country’s security establishment is bracing for violence, especially as Ramadan coincides with Passover, and following the first anniversary of Operation Guardian of the Walls in May 2021, which was launched by the IDF following a Hamas rocket attack on Jerusalem that began at the height of the Month of Ramadan.