Police arrest Arab-Israeli for desecrating Israeli flag

Israeli law forbids using the flag “in any way that harms its dignity.”


The Rishon Lezion police arrested Tuesday a Bedouin Arab-Israeli construction worker for questioning on suspicion of vandalizing and desecrating the Israeli flag, when he tore it into pieces and tied them to irons and pipes at the construction site.

The police launched the investigation after receiving a report regarding a suspicion that someone working at a construction site in the city vandalized and desecrated the state flag.

The policemen who arrived at the construction site noticed pieces of the state flag that were allegedly tied by a worker at the site to iron mesh used for construction.

The police arrested the suspect, a resident of the Bedouin towns in the south, for questioning at the station.

Israeli law states that “whoever harms the dignity of the state flag or the state symbol, or causes harm to its dignity, or uses it in a way that harms its dignity, shall be punished by imprisonment for up to three years, or a fine, or both punishments.”