Police net 33 arrests in Jerusalem counter-terrorism sting

Police arrested 33 Arabs in connection with last week’s rioting in Jerusalem. 

Israeli police conducted a massive counter-terrorism operation in Jerusalem on Sunday night and arrested 33 Arab residents of the city in connection with the riots that rocked the capital last week.

The suspects allegedly took part in the week-long violence in Jerusalem, blocking roads, hurling rocks and firebombs at police and disturbing the peace.

Several policemen were wounded during the violent clashes, while three rioters were killed and dozens were wounded.

Seven of the suspects are minors, the youngest aged 13.

The police said they were able to apprehend the “hard core” of the rioters.

Using footage of the riots, surveillance and intelligence, police were able to identify and arrest the main instigators.

The riots erupted when Israel placed new security measures on the Temple Mount after three terrorists murdered two Israeli policemen at the site.

Israel said the measures, which included metal detectors, were necessary to prevent further attacks, while Palestinians claimed Israel was trying to expand its control over the Temple Mount.

Israel seemingly capitulated to the week-long Palestinian violence and removed the security measures.

By: World Israel News Staff