Poll shows Trump leading in key battleground states – Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida

In Pennsylvania, the pollster shows Trump beating Biden 47.8% to 45.9%.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

A new Trafalgar Group poll finds President Donald Trump leading in key battleground states.

Robert C. Cahaly, the chief pollster at Trafalgar Group, which correctly called the 2016 elections for Trump, released the new poll results on Tuesday morning showing the incumbent with a narrow lead in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The poll was conducted between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2.

It shows Trump with a lead in Nevada 49.1%  to 48.4%. This is a dramatic change from a Trafalgar Group poll on Oct. 29 which showed Democratic challenger Joe Biden winning with 49.4% of the vote to Trump’s 47.1%.

In Florida, Trump is ahead 49.4% to Biden’s 47.3%.

In Pennsylvania, the pollster shows Trump beating Biden 47.8% to 45.9%. It is a 1.9% lead.

Cahaly predicts Trump will win reelection, however, in the case of Pennsylvania, he has said that Trump needs “to get further along than he is. I think he’s going to need to win Pennsylvania by four or five [percentage points] to overcome the voter fraud that’s going to happen there.”

Pennsylvania has made last-minute changes to its election rules, allowing ballots where the signatures don’t match, extending the deadline for mailed-in ballots three days after the Nov. 3 election and allowing ballots without legible postmarks. The Trump campaign says it’s ready to wage a legal fight regarding the Pennsylvania vote.

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In an earlier Trafalgar poll, conducted between Oct. 30-31, Trump also leads in the battleground state of Michigan 48.3% to 45.8%.