Popular talk show eggs Hillary on over Mar-a-Lago, ignores her own scandal

Promoting her upcoming TV series with daughter Chelsea, Hillary Clinton expresses outrage at Trump.

By World Israel News Staff

Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed former president Donald Trump, who defeated her in the 2016 presidential race, during an appearance on daytime TV talk show The View.

Clinton, who appeared on the program alongside her daughter Chelsea in order to promote their new Apple TV streaming series, spoke at length about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

The View is hosted by comediennes Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, who are both vocal critics of Trump and open about their left-wing views.

“I think this should be taken really seriously. It’s not a joking matter. It shouldn’t be partisan. It should concern every American, because those documents and the empty folders, as they were marked [classified], suggest that there was really important, secret information that is essential to our country’s defense and security,” she said.

“When the report came out…that the documents also included information about… a country’s nuclear program,. I cannot tell you how terrifying that is.”

Clinton said that during her time in the Obama administration, she was given access to top-secret materials and that there was a strict security protocol around those documents.

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“There were times that I was Secretary of State that literally a military courier would come to my office… with a briefcase locked to his wrist,” she said.

After being presented with documents containing “delicate, secret ” information, Clinton said that she would sign off on the page to prove that she’d read it, and that the courier would then place the paper back in the locked briefcase and leave her office.

“So I don’t understand how these documents ended up where they are, I don’t understand how he was permitted to take them, even to his residence…I don’t understand it.”

“People literally die to get our government information, they go to prison, they get exiled, it’s dangerous oftentimes, and the idea that this would have been done, I hope everybody takes really seriously,” she added.

Notably, the left-wing hosts of the show did not ask Clinton about her own classified documents scandal.

Throughout her time as Secretary of State, she used a private email server for highly classified communications, in violation of standard procedure which would see her use a federal server for sensitive texts.

Clinton was investigated at length by the FBI for her email usage, but was not criminally charged.

Then-FBI director James Comey said in a statement that while she was not going to be held criminally responsible, “the evidence is that they [Clinton and her team] were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”