President Rivlin receives official results of 22nd Knesset elections

“You succeeded in holding elections that were free of interference,” Rivlin told Election Committee Chairman Hanan Melcer.

By World Israel News Staff

President Reuven Rivlin received the official election results for the 22nd Knesset from chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Judge Hanan Melcer in an official ceremony at the President’s Residence on Wednesday.

“Despite the short notice and the various pressures placed on the Central Elections Committee, you succeeded in holding elections that were free of interference and focused on the issues, without fear or favor,” Rivlin told Melcer.

The president spoke about updates to election law, saying “The discussion around changes to supervision of elections came at the wrong time, with campaigns underway and at a time of heightened emotions. But as I said in the past, the election law should be updated to reflect changes that include technological developments.

“Laws that are out of date can be unfair, and since elections are a seminal moment for any democracy, it is important that everyone feels they are fair and transparent and that everyone is invited to participate on an equal basis,” Rivlin said, adding that it would fall to the 22nd Knesset to look at the recommendations of a special committee called together two years ago to examine the election law and suggest changes.

Meltzer thanked the president for visiting the Central Elections Committee on Election Day.

“The visit was a sign of solidarity with our efforts, helping us to fend off attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the election process. The people also showed their faith in democracy and in the election process, seen in the increased turnout.

“I thank all 105,000 of the people – equivalent to an IDF division – who worked on election day, and the committee chairs who led the largest civil operation in Israel,” Melcer said.