Pro-Israel Saudi journalist’s citizenship illegally revoked

The Saudi journalist has been a rare voice in the Arab world who supports the Jewish State.

By World Israel News Staff

Pro-Israel Saudi journalist Abdul Hameed al-Ghabin told The Media Line that he suspects the reason behind the recent revocation of his Saudi citizenship is his vocal support for Israel.

On Tuesday, Kan Radio Arabic news correspondent Simon Arann posted on his Twitter account a statement made by al-Ghabin informing the public that his citizenship has been illegally revoked.

“ [I] would like to confirm that the sad decision has not come from the Royal Court, or from His Royal Highness Muhammad Bin Salman,” al-Ghabin wrote in his statement. “This by itself makes the decision illegal and contrary to Saudi Arabia’s constitution, which dictates that the granting and revoking of citizenship must be authorized by the King or the Crown Prince.”

“As I put my total confidence behind the leadership of His Royal Highness Muhammad Bin Salman, I hereby confirm that I won’t think twice nor hesitate before I give my life for my country and leadership, and comparing to my life, citizenship would be a very small thing to give for the sake of the public interest,” he added.

On Tuesday, al-Ghabin reconfirmed on Twitter that indeed his citizenship had been revoked and that he did not know why.

The Saudi journalist has been a rare voice in the Arab world who supports the Jewish State.

“Israel is the only country in the Middle East where diversity and religious tolerance [are accepted], where Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze, atheists, and others [live] in full freedom and accept each other,” al-Ghabin wrote in a Twitter post on Monday

“Israel is pleased to cooperate with all its neighbors in various fields for the benefit of the peoples in the region,” he said in a Twitter video also posted on Monday.

In August, al-Ghabin wrote an op-ed for Israel Hayom in which he claimed that Saudi Arabia is openly seeking to establish ties with Israel.

He wrote that Saudi Arabia sees Israel as a logical future partner and that Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have been attacking Saudi Arabia over its position. He also said that it’s only logical that if a Palestinian State is created, it will be taken from Jordanian land because of its large Palestinian population.

Although there are no official diplomatic relations between and Israel and Saudi Arabia, multiple reports indicate that the two countries covertly maintain ties at some level.