Pro-Palestinian demonstrators burn Israeli flag, block Manhattan Bridge in back-to-back NYC protests

Pro-Hamas demonstrators hit the streets in New York on Thanksgiving, Saturday, and Sunday.

World Israel News Staff

Anti-Israel protesters held two mass demonstrations in Manhattan over the weekend, packing into mid-town on Saturday and shutting down the Manhattan Bridge on Sunday.

Hundreds of demonstrators marched in mid-town Manhattan on Saturday, chanting stale slogans in support of Gaza terrorists and against Israel.

With hundreds of demonstrations planned around the world through the coming months, anti-Israel protestors continue garnering media attention as they gather to hurl invectives at the Jewish state.

Following a literal “sit-in” in which pro-Palestinian protestors glued themselves to the street in the midst of the New York Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, Manhattan was host to another display of hatred as about 300 anti-Zionists marched from Columbus Circle to the American Museum of Natural Science.

On the way, they ran through The Shops at Columbus Circle, causing shopkeepers to shutter their stores as the protestors marched past, shouting: “Bombs are dropping while you’re shopping.”

Anti-Israel activists burned an Israeli flag, as one of the mob leaders yelled threats: “For those who support genocide in the US, your days are numbered…the US government is the number one funder of Israel terrorism.”

A man and a woman carrying signs supporting Israel were shouted at, and their signs grabbed. The woman ran to police for protection. By the time the rabble reached the museum, the building was barricaded, with dozens of police blocking the entrances.



On Sunday, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters rallied at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, demanding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas – despite the fact that a ceasefire is currently in place.

The demonstrators also demanded that President Joe Biden condemn Israel’s counter-terrorism campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Women’s March organizer and pro-Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activist Linda Sarsour joined Sunday’s protest at the Manhattan Bridge.