Death of Argentine prosecutor who investigated Jewish center bombing a homicide

A new investigation has revealed that Nisman was killed hours before presenting the court with his damning case about the bombing of the Jewish AMIA center in Buenos Aires.    

A team of forensic investigators has given a prosecutor a new report on the death of a prosecutor investigating Argentina’s worst terrorist attack. A source says it concludes he was a victim of homicide — and didn’t kill himself.

The report submitted Friday by a team led by Argentina’s border police marks a shift from previous court-ordered investigations that concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to prove someone else shot Alberto Nisman in the head.

An official at the prosecutor’s office confirmed the homicide conclusion, but spoke on condition of anonymity because it’s not yet publicly available.

During his historic visit to the country earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised President Mauricio Macri’s “commitment” to solve two terror attacks against the Jewish community in Argentina.

“We know, without a doubt, that Iran and Hezbollah were backing up and in fact initiating these attacks,” Netanyahu said.

Israel and Argentina have long accused Iran of being behind two 1990s bombings in Buenos Aires that killed 29 people at the Israeli Embassy and 85 people at a Jewish community center. Iran has denied any role in the attacks.

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Nisman, the leading prosecutor investigating the attack on the AMIA community center was, found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head on Jan. 18, 2015.

Nisman had been scheduled to appear in Congress the next day to present allegations that then President Cristina Fernandez orchestrated a secret deal to cover up Iranian officials’ alleged role in the attack. Fernandez denied the allegations and judges threw out the case.

Conspiracy theories have flourished around the mysterious death. While some people believe Nisman killed himself because he felt his claims against the former president lacked proof, others say he was murdered because he was a threat to the Argentine and Iranian governments.

Macri, who has met with Nisman’s family, says resolving the death of the prosecutor and the bombings remains among his government’s top priorities.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff