‘Psychological pressure’: Hamas publishes photo of Hadar Goldin’s rifle

“This photo is psychological pressure. We need to put pressure and use leverage against Hamas,” Goldin’s father said.

By World Israel News Staff

Hamas celebrated the 35th anniversary of its founding Wednesday by displaying an image in Gaza City that the terrorist group said showed the rifle and serial number of Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin, whose body it snatched while violating a ceasefire eight years ago.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, has held Goldin’s body and that of IDF soldier Shaul Oron in violation of international law. Both were killed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

Two Israeli civilians believed to be alive, Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed, are also being held captive by the terror group. Both men suffer from mental illness. Mengistu crossed into Gaza in 2014 while al-Sayed wandered into Gaza the following year. Neither have been heard from since.

Hamas is hoping to secure a prisoner swap with Israel. In June, the terror group released a video showing al-Sayed lying in a bed with an oxygen mask over his face, in an apparent attempt to exert pressure on Israel.

“We are giving the occupation a limited period of time to complete a prisoner deal. Otherwise, we will close the file of the four soldiers forever,” Sinwar declared on Wednesday to a cheering crowd. Mengistu and al-Sayed, however, were not in the IDF.

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“Our demands were clear, that the prisoners and captives, chief among them Nasser Abu Hamid and Walid Daqa, be released in exchange for Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed,” Sinwar said.

Hamid and Daqa are terrorists with Israeli blood on their hands. Both are ill with cancer.

Responding to release of the photos, Professor Simha Goldin, Hadar’s father, told the Tazpit Press Service, “We’ve been asking Israel to pressure Hamas for eight years. This photo is psychological pressure. We need to put pressure and use leverage against Hamas, but the government isn’t doing it.”

Tzur Goldin, Hadar’s brother, tweeted, “The IDF spokesman has the time to be interviewed by the media but not to talk to my family that just went through an attack by Hamas? So far no one has contacted us.”