Putin calls for united front against ISIS that must include Israel and the US

Russian President Putin is calling for a concerted international effort to defeat the Islamic State in Syria, mentioning Israel and the US as key players.

Russia Syria

A Russian fighter takes off for a mission against ISIS in Syria. (Vadim Savitsky/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Russian Armed Forces in Syria to coordinate its campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization with command posts in Israel and the US-led coalition, the Russian Sputnik News reported on Friday.

“It is important to enhance cooperation with all the countries which are really interested in eliminating terrorists. I am speaking of the contacts aimed at ensuring safety with Israeli Air Force command posts and with the forces of the anti-Daesh [Arab acronym for ISIS] coalition led by the United States,” the Russian head of state said, speaking before a Defense Ministry board meeting.

The Russian Aerospace Force’s actions in Syria are coordinated with Russia’s special services, and the Federal Security Service (FSB) is uncovering terrorist cells, Putin added.

“The actions of our armed forces were synchronized with the work of our law enforcement agencies and special services on the territory of Russia. You see, esteemed comrades, that the FSB is uncovering camouflaged cells of various terrorist organizations across the country, including of the infamous ISIS,” Putin said during the board meeting.

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ISIS is designated a terrorist organization by numerous countries across the world, including Russia and Israel.

Moscow launched a campaign against ISIS in Syria in response to the downing of a Russian plane on October 31 that killed all 224 people on board. Russia said an explosive device had been placed on board the Airbus 321-200, for which the Sinai branch of the Islamic State claimed responsibility.