Putin: Israel ‘destroying civilian population’ of Gaza

Israel’s military actions in Gaza don’t look like a war, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

By World Israel News Staff

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the Israeli war on the Hamas terror group, coming close to accusing Jerusalem of intentionally targeting civilians.

“Of course we are against terrorism in all its manifestations, against attacks against civilians — at any place and in any country,” Putin told international news outlets at a media conference.

“But what is happening now in Gaza in response to the well-known terrorist act in Israel does not really look like a war, it is some kind of total destruction of the civilian population.”

The Russian leader placed the blame for the ongoing fighting on the United States, claiming that Washington’s rejection of earlier frameworks for a two-state solution had led to the current situation.

“We believe this is a result of U.S. policy. They monopolized the peace process. They pushed aside all previously established mechanisms for collective efforts to solve this extremely difficult problem,” he said.

Putin offered praise for Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, saying that he could help broker stability in the region.

“We know that President Erdogan has made vigorous efforts to solve this very urgent and longstanding issue,” he said.

“Considering President Erdogan’s authority in the region, the world, and the Islamic world, we expect his contribution to be noticeable.”

Putin did not acknowledge Erdogan’s intense hostility towards the Jewish State and his repeated antisemitic and anti-Israel remarks.

Recently, Erdogan referred to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “bloodthirsty vampire.” He also said that Netanyahu’s “genocidal” military strategy in Gaza would make Adolf Hitler “jealous.”

“For our part, taking into account our longstanding relations with Israel, we are ready to do everything Russia can to resolve this situation,” Putin added.

“We have long recognized the Palestinian state since the Soviet Union era. Our approach in this regard has not changed.”