Red Cross in Gaza reopens office after violent Palestinian protests

After coming to an understanding with the Hamas terror organization, the Red Cross is reopening its offices in Gaza, which were closed due to violent Palestinian protests.

By: AP

The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has reopened its Gaza office after closing it the previous day in response to repeated attempts by Palestinian protesters to storm it.

Spokeswoman Suhair Zakkout said Monday all normal activities were resumed after “discussions” with officials from Hamas, the Islamic terror group that rules the Gaza Strip. She declined to elaborate.

Dozens of Gazans have protested daily at the office in recent weeks in solidarity with a Palestinian hunger striker detained by Israel, demanding that the Red Cross help bring about his release. They tried to enter the building forcefully on Sunday, causing damage.

Mohammed al-Qeq, a 33-year old journalist, has been on a hunger strike for 76 days.

Israel says al-Qeq is involved in militant activities linked to Hamas.