Relatives of captives gather on Gaza border to shout to hostages

Unable to contact them in captivity, relatives of Israeli hostages in Gaza gather at the border to shout their support.

By World Israel News Staff

Relatives of hostages held captive in the Gaza Strip gathered at the Gaza frontier Thursday to shout across the border in a symbolic act of support for those still in captivity.

Nearly 100 days after Gaza terrorists stormed the Israeli border, murdering some 1,300 and taking 240 captive, a group of Israelis whose relatives remain in captivity shouted across the border, in the vain hope that the public announcement system rigged up on the back of a truck would carry their voices enough for their loved ones on the Gaza side to hear them.

“Omer, can you hear us,” shouted Orna Neutra, mother of Omer Neutra, a 22-year-old taken hostage on October 7th.

“It’s mom and dad. We’re here, we’re really close by. We are fighting for you every single day.”

Another woman called out to residents of Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

“To Gali Berman, come home Gali! To Ziv Berman, come home Ziv! To Keith Segal, come home Keith! To Emily Damari, come home Emily!”

“We won’t stop and we won’t stand back until everyone returns home! Everyone! Everyone! Everyone!”

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Others addressed Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas forces in Gaza and the mastermind of the October 7th invasion, demanding he free their captive relatives.