Report: 4 more Syrian bases bombed; Iranian soldiers killed

Four military bases in Syria were bombed on Saturday night, killing Iranian soldiers in a follow up strike on the heels of the earlier allied attack.

By: World Israel News Staff

Unidentified aircraft bombed Syrian military bases on Saturday night, leaving several Iranian soldiers dead.

According to reports by the Syrian media, an arms depot in Jabal Azzan in the Aleppo region, said to be one of the largest in the country,  was attacked from the air, causing a massive explosion. Witnesses cited in the reports described loud explosions and flames seen from the base. Iranian soldiers were among the casualties in this attack, according to reports.

The reports also said that a second base near Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria and two other Assad regime military sites were also targeted at the same time.

There were unconfirmed reports of several casualties, with Iranian officers and soldiers said to be among the dead and wounded.

Syrian media blamed Israel for the attack.

The IDF has remained silent on the reports, as has been its conduct in most previous, similar incidents.

These reported attacks occurred hours after US, United Kingdom and French forces fired more than 100 missiles at sites connected to Syria’s chemical weapons program in response to Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack on Douma, near Damascus, a week ago which killed some 200 civilians.

These strikes came after the Syrian Tiyas Military Airbase, located in the Homs province, was struck by several missiles on Monday, during which at least seven Iranian soldiers were killed.

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The Russian Defense Ministry blamed Israel for the attack. It said that two Israel Air Force (IAF) F-15 jets fired the missile at the Syrian airbase from Lebanese airspace.

The target of the air strike was apparently an Iranian drone base. In February, an Iranian drone flying out of the T4 base was shot down by Israel. The drone was found to be armed with missiles.

The T4 Air Airbase is home to Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah terror organization and Syrian regime forces.

Israel’s security forces are on high alert in anticipation of a possible revenge attack by Iran.