Arab press reveals details of controversial Israel-Hamas agreement

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported that a controversial 10-point ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas has been drafted.


According to a report in Hamas-affiliated Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, a 10-point ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas has been drafted, with every provision offering a condition for the next one.

The clauses of the draft are as follows:

– Hamas will subdue riots along the Israeli border with Gaza and punish protesters who violate those orders.

– Hamas will put a halt to weekly Monday demonstrations in northern Gaza, including flotillas from Gaza attempting to encroach on Israel’s naval border.

– The “March of Return” campaign will continue in a nonviolent manner until the end of the year.

– Egypt will begin to lift up to 70 percent its closure on Gaza until Gaza riots are completely terminated.

– Gaza’s fishing zone will be increased up to 14 nautical miles.

– Crossings between Israel and Gaza will open permanently, with 5,000 Gazans under age 40 being granted work permits to be employed in Israel. The permits will be granted only after the Palestinian Authority follows through with paying 80 percent of the salaries it owes Gaza government workers, with Qatar paying the salaries of Hamas officials.

– Egypt will work to facilitate a prisoner exchange between Hamas and Israel.

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– Terms of signing include a three-year calm on the Gaza border under international supervision overseen by the United Nations and Russia.

– Rafah and other goods crossings sites will be opened to support Gaza’s power station and infrastructure.

– Projects will be launched to create jobs for 30,000 Gaza university graduates.

While the deal partially involves the Palestinian Authority, it is being negotiated between Israel and Hamas; thus, P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas and the P.A. are not parties to the agreement.