Report: Iran paid off families of dead Gaza rioters

According to a Hebrew media source, the Iranian government distributed funds to the families of individuals killed during the violent, Hamas-led riots that began in March.

By: World Israel News Staff

A recent report by Israel’s Reshet Bet revealed that the families of Gazans killed during riots along the Israeli security border received $500 each from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The money was reportedly doled out by Hamas during a Ramadan “break fast” meal held on Thursday evening to honor families of “martyrs.”

A recent study analyzing the casualties revealed that the vast majority of those killed in the rioting were connected to Hamas or other terrorist organizations operating in the coastal enclave.

While the riots were presented as spontaneous, peaceful demonstrations under the “March of Return” banner, mounting evidence demonstrates they were in fact Hamas-orchestrated operations designed to provide civilian cover to military operatives attempting to breach Israel’s border.

For example, after a 22-year-old female medic was killed during the riots last week, a video surfaced in which she referred to herself as “human shield,” contradicting initial reports portraying her as an innocent healthcare worker.

Iran provides funding, weapons and training to Hamas, which designated Iran’s annual anti-Israel “Quds Day,” which falls on Friday, as a date for more rioting along the Gaza-Israel border.

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While Iranian hardliners gathered on the streets of Tehran chanting “death to Israel” as part of the “Quds Day” celebrations, Gazans congregated near the security barrier.

The IDF anticipated major rioting on Friday and sent additional forces to secure the area, in addition to warning Gazans with leaflets not to approach the border.