Report: Israel carries out rare daylight airstrike in Syria

Syria claims second wave of Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus, targeting Iranian-backed militia days after Hezbollah base near airport bombed.

By World Israel News Staff

Explosions were reported at multiple sites in the Syrian capital city of Damascus Monday afternoon, days after airstrikes attributed to Israel rocked the Damascus International Airport.

The Syrian state-controlled media outlet SANA claimed that explosions were heard in at least two locations in the capital but did not elaborate on the cause or possible damage, saying only that authorities were investigating the blasts.

Later, Syrian public radio and television reported that the explosions were the result of “Israeli aggression.”

According to a report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the explosions were the result of an Israeli airstrike targeting bases used by militia forces allied with Iran.

The strikes were carried out against targets in Damascus and al-Dimas, west of the capital, the report said.

The explosions come just three days after airstrikes attributed to Israel were reported in Damascus and nearby towns.

During the attack, warehouses outside of Damascus International Airport which were reportedly used by the Lebanese terrorist group were bombed.

The Dubai Al Arabiya TV channel reported Sunday that the strike had been aimed at Hezbollah’s Unit 4400, whose leader it named as Haj Fadi. Tal Beeri, head of the Research Department of the Alma Research and Education Center that specializes in the security situation on Israel’s northern border, told Ynet that Fadi’s real name is Muhammad Jafar Katzir.

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“One of his brothers is married to the daughter of Hassan Nasrallah,” he said, “and another brother is considered ‘Hezbollah’s first martyr.”

Beeri said that Unit 4400 is responsible for transferring weaponry from Iran to Lebanon via Syria through both land and air corridors.