Report: Israel tried recruiting double agents in France

Did the Mossad try to recruit French spies?

The Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, tried to infiltrate the French espionage agency and recruit double agents. France’s Le Monde reported.

In a three-part series, the paper published details of an internal report by France’s DGSE domestic spy agency alleging that agents from both countries, working on a joint operation to collect intelligence on Syria’s weapons of mass destruction, developed unauthorized and inappropriate relationships.

According to the report, throughout the operation the Israeli agents took advantage of the close rapport with their French counterparts to try recruiting them, using money and expensive gifts.

When the unauthorized exchanges were discovered by the French domestic intelligence agency, senior officials filed a complaint with the Mossad. Several senior Israeli agents and officials were forced to leave France.

The operation itself was reportedly successful and led to action against the Assad regime.

By: World Israel News Staff