Major inquiry planned into UK Labour party’s ‘institutional anti-Semitism’

“Labour may have unlawfully discriminated against people because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs,” says the UK Human Rights Commission.

By World Israel News Staff

A major independent British inquiry into ‘institutional anti-Semitism’ in the Labour party has been announced, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

The independent investigation by the respected Equalities and Human Rights Commission will examine how the party deals with anti-Semitism, the news outlet reports.

Party bosses will be forced to hand over a raft of private emails and text messages as part of the investigation, it said, adding that it will place Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the spotlight and force him to explain the barrage of allegations of anti-Semitism against him.

As part of the process, Labour could be forced to take on new disciplinary procedures or risk being dragged through the courts, said the Daily Mail.

Pre-enforcement proceedings were expected to be announced on Thursday, meaning the leadership will be questioned about a series of incidents before a statutory investigation begins.

A commission spokesman was cited by the newspaper as saying that “having received a number of complaints regarding anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, we believe Labour may have unlawfully discriminated against people because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs. Our concerns are sufficient for us to consider using our statutory enforcement powers.”

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“As set out in our enforcement policy, we are now engaging with the Labour Party to give them an opportunity to respond,” he added.

The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) voted Wednesday night to remain affiliated with the opposition party, but the JLM leader warned that its support could not be taken for granted.