Republican candidate for governor endorses antisemite in state senate race

Republican nominee for Arizona governor endorsed an antisemite’s candidacy for Oklahoma State Senate.

By Dion J. Pierre, The Algemeiner

The Republican nominee for governor of Arizona has endorsed an antisemite’s candidacy for Oklahoma State Senate, drawing criticism and calls for her to renounce the decision, the Arizona Mirror reported on Friday.

Kari Lake, a former news anchor for a local station in Phoenix who has been endorsed by former president Donald Trump, expressed support for Jarrin Jackson, who referred to Jews as a source of “evil” in a January tirade posted on the messaging service Telegram, where he also referred to the Illuminati, COVID-19 vaccines, communists, and “woke pastors.” His activity on the messaging service is regularly monitored by Media Matters for America.

After media reports Friday on Jackson’s comments, Lake denounced Jackson’s words, calling them “derogatory,” and said she would she would rescind the endorsement if the comments were true.

“I looked at Jarrin’s resume as [a] Combat Veteran in Afghanistan,” Lake told Axios Phoenix on Saturday. “It is impossible to dig into everything someone has said in their life. If his reported comments are true, I obviously rescind my endorsement.”

As of Monday afternoon, Lake had yet to officially rescind her endorsement.

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Jackson, the Arizona Mirror added, also espouses the “Replacement Theory,” a conspiracy theory alleging that elite whites and Jews have conspired to commit ethnic cleansing against white people.

Jackson announced Lake’s endorsement for his campaign on Twitter.

“We need fighters in every state that’s why I’m proud to endorse Jarrin Jackson for Oklahoma state senate!,” Jackson posted, in what he said was a message from Lake.

“Jarrin is an America First patriot and does so much to advance our America First movement. RINOs & the Soros media attack him relentlessly because he’s over the target. Jarrin is a winner and a fighter we need in the state senate!”

Speaking to the Arizona Mirror, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix urged Lake to withdraw her support for Jackson, saying, “we are judged by our relations and the company we keep.”

“There is no room for support for antisemitic bigots from those who want to lead Arizona,” the group added.