Revolutionary Israeli heart failure treatment may save millions of lives

A patented Israeli treatment for congestive heart failure shows promise in saving countless lives each year.

It appears that Israeli medical experts may have solved yet another persistent health problem with the introduction of a brand new patented device that may change the way doctors treat congestive heart failure. This condition can be disastrous for the millions of patients worldwide who suffer from it, many of whom ultimately die as their hearts fail to pump adequate supplies of blood.

According to a recent report by the Jerusalem Post, Israeli cardiologist Dr. Yair Peled’s patented therapeutic device is poised to change the way congestive heart failure is treated, offering hope to patients who are sometimes given only months to live after diagnosis. Peled’s device is essentially a spring that can be inserted into the heart via minimally invasive surgery, which thereafter helps the heart to contract and expand in a more effective way.

At Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, the device was recently implanted for the first time. The 72-year-old patient who underwent the surgery is hopeful that new therapy will extend his life and ameliorate symptoms associated with congestive heart failure.

Dr. Peled leads an Israeli start-up called CorAssist and developed with his co-founder, Dr. Yotam Reisner, the “CORolla device” which remains in human clinical trials. The actual surgery in Haifa was carried out by director of Rambam’s cardiac surgery department, Prof. Gil Bolotin, with the assistance of senior physician Dr. Arthur Kerner and other professionals. The team and this surgery received special approval from the Israeli government.

By: World Israel News Staff