Rights group gives cash award to Jews who carried out Sukkot ritual on Temple Mount

Two Jews who succeeded in smuggling items for the holiday ritual onto the Temple Mount were each awarded 500 NIS.

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli human rights organization awarded 500 NIS (roughly $140) each to two Jews who carried out the Sukkot ritual of the ‘Four Species’ during the holiday this year, Israel National News reported.

One of the special Sukkot commandments, the four species used are the lulav (palm branch), etrog (citron), myrtle and willow, symbolizing unity and harmony.

In Jerusalem, during the First and Second Temple period, a large procession of men holding the Four Species would march through the Holy Temple.

The Betzalmo organization, which, among other issues, defends equal rights for Jews and other non-Muslims on the Temple Mount, said the purpose of the award was to promote freedom of worship, especially on the Mount, which is Judaism’s holiest site.

“Betzalmo is happy to help those who fulfill the commandments and help keep the freedom of worship on the Temple Mount,” the organization stated.

“We were honored to give 500 NIS to every one of the visitors who took the Four Species on the Mount, and we hope that there will be more heroes who will manage to keep the freedom of worship on the Mount and receive the prize.”

In a recent victory for equal-rights advocates, a Jerusalem court ruled that a police order banning a Jewish woman from the compound was illegitimate and ordered that she be paid compensation.