Romania buys rights from Israel to produce Iron Dome missile defense

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will license Iron Dome missile defense technology to the Romanian Romaero company and train its employees to produce their own systems.

By: JNS and World Israel News Staff

In a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will provide the Romanian Romaero company with licensing and training to produce its own air-defense systems.

Israel’s famous Iron Dome anti-rocket system, in addition to the “Samson” remote-controlled weapons positions, and the “Gil” or “Spike” anti-tank tactical missiles, will be part of the deal to enable Romaero to manufacture defense systems in Romania.

This is Rafael’s first local production agreement with Romania, and part of a new Romanian initiative to create jobs by bringing industries home.

Rafael CEO, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Har-Even lauded the agreement, which he said “is an essential aspect of our corporate policy and strategy—a dedication to strong, win-win partnerships and long-term collaboration to establish technological advancement, local production and capabilities.”

Romaero CEO Remus Vulpescu said “we are very excited to be teaming with Rafael, one of the world’s most groundbreaking defense [companies].”

The Iron Dome is a missile and rocket interception system, developed in 2007, that has intercepted more than 1,700 missiles and rockets fired at Israel, almost entirely by the Hamas terror organization from Gaza, although it has also downed mortar shells in the Golan Heights and intercepted rockets fired from Lebanon. Most recently, it was successful in thwarting Iran’s attempt to bomb IDF bases in the Golan.

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The system registered a 90 percent success rate during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

The Iron Dome missile defense system has recently been voted Israel’s all-time top innovation.