‘Room 6 raided’: Sinwar leaves behind underground trail as IDF nears capture

Head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip has been scrambling to evade capture by Israeli forces, leaving behind evidence in series of safehouses.

By World Israel News Staff

The IDF is closer than ever to locating Hamas terror chief Yahya Sinwar, who is currently moving between various hiding places in the Gaza Strip, according to Hebrew-language news reports.

A senior Israeli military official told Walla News! that Sinwar had been surprised by the IDF’s ground invasion of the Strip, and hadn’t expected such a deep incursion into the coastal enclave.

Since troops entered the Strip, Sinwar has been scrambling to evade capture, and is making errors due to his haste to avoid Israeli soldiers and intelligence forces.

Earlier this week, IDF forces raided the Hamas fortified command center dubbed “Room 6,” an underground bunker that contains both critical surveillance and military infrastructure and living areas, designed for a long stay.

Troops found evidence, including money and documents, that indicated Sinwar had recently stayed in that location.

One army official told the media that Sinwar’s demise will likely come as a result of his own mistakes, along with the mental pressure of knowing that troops are closing in on him.

“Sinwar plans and acts accordingly to each situation and doesn’t necessarily trust those around him,” an Israeli army source told Walla! News.

“When he moves from place to place, he [faces situations] he is not used to. It can be assumed that he does not even trust who brings him the food and what he is served to eat. This is a point of pressure that cannot be ignored.”

The source added that eventually Sinwar “will make mistakes, and we need to be there or in proximity to recognize it. The distance between us and him will be shortened by one mistake too many of his.”