Rouhani rejects Trump’s demands: ‘Who are you to decide for Iran’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed the US, saying it had no right to make decisions for Iran, after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech outlining the Trump administration’s new strategy. 

By: Israel World News

Responding to a US demand to end its intervention in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan and to cease its uranium enrichment, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani attacked the Trump administration Monday.

“Who are you to decide for Iran and the world? The world today does not accept America to decide for the world, as countries are independent … that era is over … We will continue our path with the support of our nation,” the Iranian Labour News Agency quoted Hassan Rouhani as saying.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted, “US diplomacy sham is merely a regression to old habits: imprisoned by delusions & failed policies—dictated by corrupt Special Interest—it repeats the same wrong choices and will thus reap the same ill rewards. Iran, meanwhile, is working with partners for post-US JCPOA solutions.”

“Lies” was the word used by Iran’s Foreign Ministry to describe Pompeo’s comments, which, the ministry claimed, were Washington’s way of refocusing media attention away from America’s purported infringement of the Iranian nuclear arms deal, Iranian state TV reported.

“Iran rejects the allegations and lies in this so-called new strategy and condemns the US Secretary of State’s … open interference in its internal affairs and the unlawful threats against a United Nations member state,” state TV quoted a foreign ministry statement as saying.

“Pompeo’s remarks once again revealed the poor intelligence, weak oversight, analytical backwardness and confusion in decision-making processes in the United States, and showed radical and hawkish currents in the US neither know history, nor can learn lessons from it,” said the statement.

In all, US Secretary of State Pompeo detailed 12 conditions for agreement with Iran on a return to normal diplomatic and commercial relations between the US and Iran. These conditions include the scrapping of ballistic missiles, stopping the funding and technical and personnel investments in terror as well as putting an end to the incessant threatens levels against Israel.

“The strongest sanctions in history” were what Pompeo vowed to slap on Tehran after withdrawal from the nuclear arms deal by Trump less than a month ago.

“The sting of sanctions will only grow more painful if the regime does not change course from the unacceptable and unproductive path it has chosen for itself and the people of Iran,” Pompeo said.