Russia accuses Israel of helping regime that glorifies Nazi descendants

Israel is sponsoring a regime that glorifies the grandchildren of Holocaust perpetrators, says Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

By World Israel News Staff

A Russian Foreign Ministry official said that Israel is aiding the descendants of those who slaughtered Jews in the Holocaust by providing support to secure a nuclear power plant in Ukraine, in a statement on her Telegram channel on Tuesday.

“If only the ancestors of Israel’s current political elite knew that their direct descendants would sponsor a regime that glorified their executioners and Holocaust ideologists!” wrote Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Zakharova’s statements came hours after Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission Director-General, Moshe Edri said at a conference that the Jewish State had assisted Ukraine in safeguarding its nuclear power plant during the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Israel has consistently maintained a neutral policy regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has infuriated both Moscow and Kyiv.

Both countries have accused Israel of secretly supporting the other side, with Ukraine calling for Israel to impose sweeping sanctions on Russian citizens and assets.

Russia has accused Israel of hypocrisy for failing to support what they frame as their “de-Nazification” effort in the embattled Eastern European country.

Officials from both Moscow and Kyiv have consistently evoked the Holocaust throughout the course of the conflict, in an apparent attempt to force Israel to choose a side.

Israel is home to some one million citizens who were born in or are the descendants of first-generation immigrants from former Soviet Union countries, with a large number of them originating from Russia and Ukraine.

Notably, Ukrainian national hero Stefan Bandera – who is frequently honored by name in streets, parks, and monuments throughout the country – collaborated with the Nazis and was a supporter of the deportation and murder of Jews during World War II.

The Babyn Yar massacre, in which a staggering 33,000 Jews were murdered by Nazi forces, took place in Ukraine.

Some local non-Jewish Ukrainians reportedly turned in their Jewish neighbors to the Nazis, leading to what is believed to have been the largest single-day massacre during the Holocaust.