Russia comes out against Trump plan: ‘It contradicts UN decisions’

The Kremlin said the Trump plan contradicts UN decisions.

By World Israel News Staff

Russia has issued its first official pronouncement on the Trump administration’s deal of the century. On Sunday, Dmitri Peskov, Kremlin press secretary, said, “The plan doesn’t stand in line with the decision of the United Nations and earlier agreements.”

“It’s enough to see the Palestinians’ response to the plan and the way they’ve shaken it off. We have also seen a variety of reactions in the Arab world in support of the Palestinian position,” Peskov said.

“Naturally, these reactions make us wonder about the feasibility of the program,” Peskov said.

On Saturday, the Arab League in Cairo held an emergency meeting in a show of opposition to the Trump plan. Those in attendance said they wouldn’t cooperate with the U.S. to implement the plan.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in a speech at the meeting, threatened to cut all ties with Israel and the U.S. if the plan is implemented. The PA has extensive security and economic ties with Israel, even as it continues to formally support terror against Israel’s citizens through the financial support of terrorists and their families.

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and updated him on the details of the Trump plan.

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