Sara Netanyahu joins campaign to protect children from abuse

Amid reports of shocking child abuse at a number of preschools and daycare centers, the prime minister’s wife, an educational psychologist, has joined the call for better protection for these vulnerable children.

By World Israel News Staff

The wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thrown her support behind the suggestion to place cameras in day care centers and kindergartens following reports of devastating child abuse in some of these facilities.

Three representatives of Matteh Hama’avak, a non-profit active in the struggle to eradicate violence against children, presented personal and painful stories of the abuse that their children have suffered and how they have coped with the effects. A discussion was also held on the necessary steps to end this phenomenon.

Sara Netanyahu expressed her support for their struggle and for amending the cameras law so that no abuse could be carried out in private.

“We are embarking on a long journey to prevent abuse in kindergartens from birth to age six,” she said.

“The importance of the cameras is that they are living testimony and a deterrent factor. They will make the traumatic questioning of children – who cannot always express what happened – unnecessary. Children are helpless and are not always capable of expressing themselves verbally, nor are they always believed.

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“It is necessary to have proof, and cameras are the first and most essential tool.”

The victims also require strong support, she added. “In violence of this kind, the ramifications of are great. It affects livelihood, the home and the family. In most cases, the overall suffering is neither noticed nor treated.”

She and the mothers present, however, emphasized that most members of the education staff at these centers and preschools are “amazing and dedicated women,” and the problem stems from a small minority that causes serious harm.

“We had the honor of meeting with the Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu. We discovered that we have important support and someone who listens,” said Alona Daniel, director of the nonprofit.

“As an expert educational psychologist, she is familiar with the subject in detail and has expressed her great willingness to help. Amending the cameras law is a very important step in eradicating the phenomenon of violence and we – together with thousands of parents –commend and thank her for assisting us in reaching the goal.”