Sebastion Gorka: ‘We are in a war for the soul of the West’

In interview with, Gorka discusses his latest book, “The War for America’s Soul,” his podcast “America First,” cancel culture, and support for Israel.

By Dave Gordon,

Sebastian Gorka in recent years has perhaps become one of America’s most outspoken conservative voices, a non-apologetic defender of President Donald Trump, and this year released his most recent book, The War for America’s Soul: Donald Trump, the Left’s Assault on America, and How We Take Back Our Country.

Last month, it was announced that Gorka would be appointed to Donald Trump’s national security education board. In 2017, Gorka left his post after eight months as Trump’s former deputy assistant, later becoming a Fox News contributor, and he currently broadcasts his own radio show on the Salem network. caught up with Gorka to find out his thoughts on current events.

Q: What would you say is the overarching message you want to impart in the new book, The War for America’s Soul?

That Judeo-Christian civilization is under relentless attack by movements that are the product of secular relativism and self-hatred, and that sticking to our core beliefs and principles is more important than ever. We are in a war for the soul of the West.

Q: In the book, you spell out what every individual can do to help freedom thrive. Can you offer an example?

The most important thing one can do is be loyal to the truth and have the courage to speak out against those who would subvert Judeo-Christian civilization. In an age of unbridled “cancel culture” and the violence and intimidation of movements like Antifa — which is more fascist than “anti-fascist” — the importance of bravery in the face of bullies is greater than ever.

Q: Of all the people to write a foreword, why did you specifically choose fellow radio host and author Dennis Prager?

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Dennis is one of the wisest men I know today. Since I launched my national radio show, America First, he has also become a friend and mentor. I asked Dennis, because of his courage in the face of the enemies of civilization, his history of travelling behind the Iron Curtain to help the oppressed Jewish community, and in recognition of the incredible bulwark he has created to the new totalitarians with his videos.

Q: Do you think the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) is just the beginning, or an aberration that will demonstrate itself to be a passing, failing fad?

That is up to us. Brave Americans need to make a stand in the face of any new attempt to denude us of our rights and subvert America, the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever seen. That is why it is so vital that my boss, President Trump, be re-elected.

Q: Can you pinpoint the time and place that began to mould your political beliefs as they are today?

When my father came out of the ocean after a swim, when we were on vacation. As a naive eight-year-old boy I asked him what the lines on his wrists were, and he replied: “That’s where the secret police bound my wrists together with wire behind my back, so they could hang me from the ceiling of the torture chamber.” That’s when I understood that evil is real, and that totalitarianism is a perennial threat.

Q: You are a supporter of Donald Trump, and I’m curious to hear your response to the “Never-Trumpers” who say that his Twitter feed is unbecoming of an American leader?

The mainstream legacy media is irredeemably corrupt. Just look at the way they aided and abetted the Obama administration, and the permanent bureaucratic class of Trump haters to subvert a duly-elected president with false accusations, such as Russian “collusion” and the Mueller probe.

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That is why the President’s Twitter feed is so important, and why Never-Trumpers hate the fact that with it, he can talk directly to more than 80 million people.

You have no right to call yourself a conservative if you complain about his tweets. With the caliphate of ISIS destroyed, 200 conservative judges and two originalist Supreme Court judges appointed, Jerusalem recognized as the capital of the eternal state of Israel, NATO revitalized, Iran contained, et cetera.. Someone has a problem with his tweets? Those people are either leftists, or just fake conservatives.

Q: In past generations, people held the “wrong” positions and were “cancelled.” Two examples were: Muhammad Ali, in railing against Vietnam in 1968, was then relegated to a speaking engagement at a boat show because no one would book him to fight. Then, after Jane Fonda spoke against Vietnam in 1973, the Maryland state legislature held a hearing to have Fonda and her films barred from the state. One state senator said, “I wouldn’t want to kill her, but I wouldn’t mind if you cut her tongue off.” Obviously, it didn’t hinder their careers in the long term, but the recent “cancel culture” could be indeed traced back farther than just the 2010s. Only now, though, any human can have their life destroyed, or friends leave them, for any ill-uttered word that someone merely perceives as offensive, or for a position that does not comport with the political correctness zeitgeist. How does America climb down from this?

There’s only one way. Those who have propagated and facilitated cancel culture, meaning the hard left and the Democratic Party, must be so soundly defeated at the polls in 2020 that they are forced into a crisis of conscience, in which they reassess their totalitarian tendencies. But even then, the death of cancel culture is not guaranteed.

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Q: In the Canadian angle, what did you learn from your interviews with Lord Conrad Black?

Which one?! He has graciously agreed to be a regular on America First and so now joins us live every Tuesday. Every time we speak, I learn something from the incredible Renaissance man that is Lord Black. You can view all our past interviews on our YouTube channel, and I encourage all your readers to do so. Every time I come away with the same conclusion: When I finally grow up, I want to be more like Conrad Black!

Q: What are the top reasons, in your opinion, why North Americans should support Israel (not just Jews)?

Easy. As my friend Jeff Ballabon taught me, our two nations are inextricably linked: America is the greatest nation made by man, and Israel is the greatest nation made by God.

More geo-strategically, Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. As such it is a beacon of hope for all those benighted communities in the Middle East who still yearn for freedom in the face of corrupt regimes, theocratic dictatorships, and religious fanaticism.

For that reason, all decent people should support Israel; but more importantly, all decent nations must support our great ally to ensure that the horror of the Shoah never happens again, and so that our Jewish friends will always have a safe homeland.

Q: Working with Donald Trump, what’s something you learned about him, as an insider, that most people don’t know, or might never see? 

That, despite the bluster and alpha-male character, he is also a very compassionate man. Read my second book, Why We Fight, to get a full picture of who he really is.