Second day of rockets by the dozens in the north

Hezbollah has fired some 100 rockets in response to an IDF strike on its stronghold deep in Lebanon Monday.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Hezbollah has fired some 100 rockets at northern Israel over Monday and Tuesday morning in response to an IDF strike on its stronghold deep in Lebanon Monday.

About 40 rockets were launched over the course of Tuesday morning towards the Galilee and Meron, causing no casualties.

According to the Lebanese terror organization, over 60 were shot yesterday at the Golan Heights, all aimed at an IDF base as retaliation for an Israeli air force attack near the city of Baalbek. No injuries were reported as a result of these rockets, either.

While the IDF did not comment on the Baalbek attack, according to foreign reports, three people were killed in two IDF airstrikes.

The IDF did take rare credit for an assassination in southern Lebanon Monday. Senior Hezbollah terrorist, Hassan Hussein Salami was killed while in a moving car in between villages.

Salami was the equivalent of a brigadier general and was responsible for coordinating attacks on civilian and IDF sites in Israel, including the launching of anti-tank missiles at the Kiryat Shmona area and the headquarters of the 769th Brigade.

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This follows a similar alleged Israeli airstrike even further away on Sunday morning, when a car traveling on the Syrian side of its border with Lebanon exploded, killing two Hezbollah operatives inside.

While Baalbek, which is also relatively close to Syria, is one of Hezbollah’s major command centers in Lebanon, its anti-Israel activity is physically launched from just over the border with Israel. This is where the IDF has concentrated almost all its retaliations against the Iranian proxy, which has launched over 2,000 rockets at Israel by now from the area.

The launches are its way of showing support for Hamas in its war with Israel, sparked by its October 7 invasion and massacre of 1,200 people in Gazan envelope communities.

The question is now whether Hezbollah will limit its reaction to just these rocket launches, and whether the IDF will expand its attacks on the terrorists to regain security for tens of thousands of Israeli citizens who were evacuated in October and have yet to come back home.

The mayor of Kiryat Shmona, a favored target of Hezbollah that was evacuated, told the Israel National News Jerusalem Conference Monday that he wasn’t prepared to risk people’s lives even if the danger is “only” airborne.

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“If there isn’t going to be true security, but rather only a feeling of security, I will physically prevent residents from returning to the city,” said Avichai Stern. “We will no longer accept things as they were.”