Second IDF drone captured by terrorists, this time in Gaza

The Israeli Army confirmed that a second drone went down in as many days.

By World Israel News Staff

The IDF confirmed Palestinian reports that one of their drones went down in the Gaza Strip. The incident occurred one day after Hezbollah reported dropping an IDF drone over Lebanon.

Palestinian sources say that their forces arranged along the Gaza border knocked down the drone by firing on it. They say the drone is in their hands, the Ynet news site reports.

The IDF says it’s investigating the incident.

On Monday, Hezbollah said a drone was downed with “suitable weapons” over the village of Ramieh in Lebanon and that it, too, was in the terror group’s hands.

The Israeli military said that the drone was on a “routine mission” in northern Israel. It said the drone was “simple” and that there was no risk of a security breach.

The loss of two drones follows a Hamas attack on an Israeli convoy using a drone on Saturday. The drone dropped a bomb onto an IDF hummer, causing some damage.

An IDF source described the attack as grave and the crossing of a red line, Ynet reports.

Israeli civilians in areas neighboring the Gaza Strip say they’re worried about the new threat, fearing that Hamas attack drones could drop bombs with more precision on homes, schools and playgrounds.

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In August, Haaretz reported that drone armies are being built all over the world, which involves the deployment of large numbers of inexpensive drones to flood enemy airspace.

The paper notes that drones offer non-state actors the opportunity to build inexpensive “air forces.”

The paper reports that Israel doesn’t yet have an effective response to such an attack. It cites former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky, who says, “The conventional scenario is passe.”

The IDF needs to start thinking about the ‘weapons of the weak’ like drones, he said.