Security forces thwart second Palestinian terror attack within an hour

A second Palestinian terror attack within an hour was thwarted by security forces early Friday afternoon.

Two terrorists tried running pedestrians over with their car at the Elias Junction, near Kiryat Arba, a suburb of Hebron. IDF soldiers spotted the vehicle and eliminated them before they could carry out the attack.

Earlier, security forces noticed a Jordanian resident advancing towards border police at Damascus Gate, in the Old City of Jerusalem, and shot him dead.

Exactly a year ago, on the eve of the Jewish New Year, a new wave of Palestinian terror – mostly carried out by stabbings and car attacks, although there were also deadly shootings and other forms of terror – began as a result of incitement by the Palestinian leadership.

The IDF has preparing for the possible renewal of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis as the Jewish New Year approaches.

By: World Israel News Staff