Senior PA officials denied entry to Israel after visiting terrorist’s home

Three senior Palestinian officials took advantage of their immunity to celebrate release of brutal murderer.

By World Israel News Staff

Minister of Defense Yoav Galant on Saturday evening instructed Major General Rasan Aliyan, coordinator of government operations in Judea and Samaria, to deny permission to three senior members of the Palestinian Authority to enter Israel.

Palestinian officials Mahmoud al-Alul, Azzam al-Ahmed and Vahi Tafut had entered Israel Saturday morning to visit the home of Arab-Israeli terrorist Karim Younes, who was released from prison last week after serving 40 years for the 1980 kidnapping and murder of IDF soldier Avraham Bromberg.

The decision to deny the entry permits was made on the recommendation of the Shin Bet and accepted by Galant after consultation with all the relevant security officials, Hebrew-language media reported.

Younes’s cousin Maher was also involved in the incident and is expected to be released within weeks.

Unrepentant, Karim Youne told media upon his release: “Every prisoner’s story is the story of an entire people and I am proud to be one of those who sacrificed for Palestine.”

On Saturday afternoon, upon the orders by Internal Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, police dispersed a terrorist conference in the Issawiya neighborhood of Jerusalem, in accordance with the implementation law to prevent PA activities in the Israeli capital.

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“The time has come to stop the celebration of the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, and not to allow the members of the Palestinian Authority to hold terrorist conferences in Jerusalem. I thank the Jerusalem police for the quick action,” Ben-Gvir stated.

On Friday, Younes was welcomed in his village of Ar’ara in northern Israel amid joyous celebration and the flying of Palestinian and Fatah flags. Under the orders of Internal Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, police forces entered the compound where the festivities were held and stopped the flag-waving. Large forces were in the area to prevent further provocations.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri is moving to revoke the terrorists’ Israeli citizenship, which would enable their deportation.

Whether they can be stripped of their citizenship and deported is questionable. The law currently allows this only if the person holds citizenship in a second country. The Younes brothers only hold Israeli citizenship but could potentially be deported to the Palestinian Authority.

The cousins served 40 years behind bars and are considered Palestinian celebrities as the longest-serving prisoners.

In 2017, Fatah – the PA’s ruling party – appointed Younes to its Central Committee. The decision was made by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

In conversation with Younes after his release, the PA president congratulated him, Hebrew-language media reported.

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“You paid not just one price, but many prices — for yourself and thousands of our people, when you sat for 40 years in prison,” Abbas said. “We will not make any concessions regarding our fellow prisoners, whether they sat for 40 years or for 40 seconds.”