Actress Sharon Stone slams assault on rabbi, rise in violent antisemitism

Celebrity makes “personal plea” after watching video of violent assault on Orthodox rabbi, blames politicians for growing social tensions.

By World Israel News Staff

Actress Sharon Stone publicly condemned a recent assault on an Orthodox rabbi in New York, blaming politicians for greater social divisions throughout the U.S.

In a video message released via her Instagram account Wednesday, the 64-year-old actress – best known for her roles in the films Total Recall, Basic Instinct, and Casino – lamented the decline in social cohesion, citing the footage of a recent assault against an Orthodox rabbi.

“I rarely put up a personal plea of any kind, but I just watched a video of a young man taunting an Orthodox rabbi who had his hands down,” Stone said.

“And this boy punched this rabbi. Just punched him and knocked him out for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that he was being hateful.”

“We’ve reached a point in our country – the United States of America – where we’re becoming divided, and we’re becoming divided by people who claim to be politicians, people who claim to be acting in our best interests. They’re not, they’re really not.”

“Love, kindness, humanity, decency, dignity – these are the things that are in our better interests and in the better interests of our children. We’re called the United States of America for a reason.”

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This is not the first time the Hollywood star has taken to social media to speak out against antisemitism.

Last May, Stone reposted a video by internet personality Meir Kalmanson – better known by his handle “Meir Kay” with the caption “Fighting hate”.

The video, aimed at raising awareness of the growth of antisemitism, featured Kay standing blindfolded in the street bearing a sign encouraging strangers share a hug and make a public gesture against bigotry.

“I am a Jew. I stand for peace, how about you? Let’s share a hug between us two. And show the world what LOVE can do.”