She tore down posters of Israeli hostages, now she wants you to pay for her therapy

She also announced her intention to leave NYU, citing a “hostile environment” that has driven her to seek therapy.

By Meghan Blonder, The Washington Free Beacon

A New York University student suspended from campus and stripped of her scholarships for tearing down posters of Israeli hostages is now begging for financial support “to cover costs for therapy.”

Hafiza Khalique on Wednesday posted the GoFundMe, in which she portrays herself as a victim of “racist doxxing, Islamophobia, intimidation, [and] targeted smear campaigns.” The fundraising effort comes weeks after NYU quietly suspended Khalique for vandalizing “university property or the property of others,” a reference to Khalique’s decision in October to tear down posters of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

Khalique, who has already raised roughly half of her $10,000 goal, said in her GoFundMe description that the “inflammatory” posters were “used to normalize Israel’s genocide against Palestinians.” She also announced her intention to leave NYU, citing a “hostile environment” that has driven her to seek therapy.

“I received racist, sexist, fatphobic, Islamophobic, disturbing, and vile messages on every platform,” Khalique wrote. “My photos and videos were broadcasted live on right-wing news outlets … putting my life in imminent danger.”

“As a result, I was forced to drop most of my classes for my physical and mental safety,” Khalique continued. “Please help me raise funds to cover costs for therapy, application fees, tuition, housing, and all educational expenses abroad.” Any unused funds, Khalique said, “will be directly given to Palestinian liberation organizers and students.”

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Khalique, who describes herself as a “queer woman of color” and uses “she/they” pronouns, is from the Detroit area, where she says she’s been involved in left-wing activism since high school. Khalique in a July 2022 op-ed characterized Detroit as “progressive on issues of race” but lamented that “homophobia and transphobia remain common” in the city.

“As a queer student, it should not be my responsibility to guide my peers and teachers to unlearn homophobia and transphobia; it is mentally exhausting,” Khalique wrote, citing “stares” she received while wearing a pride flag at school.

Khalique went on to serve as an “Anti-Militarist Organizing Fellow” at Dissenters, an anti-Israel liberal advocacy group that says it is “taking back our resources from elites, and their violent wars, prisons, police, weapons, and walls.”

While Khalique was unapologetic over her decision to tear down posters of abducted Israelis—she blamed “powerful, wealthy families [and] institutions” for sparking outrage over her actions—Khalique’s accomplice in the ordeal did attempt to distance herself from the move. That NYU student, Yazmeen Deyhimi, said she tore down the posters after finding it “increasingly difficult to know my place as a biracial brown woman.”

“I have felt more and more frustrated about the time we currently find ourselves in,” Deyhimi wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, “and that misplaced anger into actions that are not an accurate representation of who I am as a person.”