‘Victory over the terrorists’ as Shnerb family welcomes granddaughter named for Rina

“We are sanctifying life and adding new life,” said the family 

By World Israel News Staff

The Shnerb family, whose 17-year daughter Rina was murdered in a terror attack in Samaria in August, received some solace on Monday when a new granddaughter was named for her aunt, the terror victim.

The baby was named Emuna Rina. Emuna means faith in Hebrew.

“Our grandmother who was saved from Auschwitz used to say about the birth of a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild that this was her victory over the Nazis,” family members noted.

Naming a child to perpetuate Rina’s name, they added, was now “a victory over the damned terrorists who are trying to cut off the continuation of the Jewish people. Compared to the terrorists who only want to kill lives, we are sanctifying life and adding new life.”

The family further explained that “the baby was named Emuna to express our great faith and of our families in the Creator of life, both in difficult situations and crises and in the many joys of God. It was full of faith, joy, love, kindness, and prayer. And we pray that [baby] Rina’s faith will help her learn from [terror victim] Rina’s greatness that was so special. ”

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Rina was murdered by a remotely detonated bomb as she walked with her father and brother on a trail to a freshwater spring on August 23. Rina’s father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, 46, was lightly hurt in the attack, and the son Dvir, 19, sustained more serious wounds.