Shots fired at IDF post in north

The general quiet on Israel’s northern border is deceiving as Hezbollah is constantly working in the area to prepare itself, including its buildup of thousands of missiles, for its next attack against Israel.

The IDF is investigating an incident in which shots were fired at an IDF post near Metulla, on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, on Wednesday.

The leading supposition is that the shots were an error or stray fire.

The Lebanese army stated it had no knowledge of gunfire in that area.

An IDF soldier was treated on the spot by IDF doctors for a very light ricochet injury.

In related comments, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that the border with Lebanon was only seemingly quiet, but that the Hezbollah terror organization sitting on the other side of it has plans to attack Israel.

Speaking at the Knesset during a special ceremony marking a decade since the Second Lebanon War, Liberman said that Israel is “not looking for adventures, but we are mobilized and prepared in every sector, against any enemy, and if anyone tries to put us to the test, he will discover an iron fist that is powerful and painful.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a similar warning to Hezbollah.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News