Sirens blare in south; projectile misses target, lands in Gaza

Hours after Netanyahu visited the south and said the Jewish state is “in a prolonged struggle” against Islamic terrorism, sirens blared as Hamas fired a missile towards Israel, which missed its mark. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Just two days after a fragile ceasefire was agreed upon with the Hamas terror group, red-alert sirens blared in southern Israel early Monday evening as terrorists fired a missile towards Israel.

The projectile landed in Gaza near the border, missing its target.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to the south, where he met with local council heads and vowed to defeat Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip.

“For 100 years we have been fighting terror; we fight it forcefully. This place right now is the confrontation line between Islamic terrorism and the state of the Jews and we are determined to win. This entails an exchange of blows which are not yet over,” he stated.

Referring to Saturday, when the IDF launched the strongest attack on Hamas targets since the 2014 summer war in response to a surge of rocket attacks over the weekend, Netanyahu told reporters:

“The day before yesterday we took very strong action against Hamas and dealt it the strongest blow it has taken since Operation Protective Edge. It must be understood that whoever asks me these questions needs to be prepared for the continuation of the struggle.

“There is an exchange of blows here. It is not over in one go, and I cannot comfort those who have taken the most difficult losses. This is very hard to take, but we know that we are in a prolonged Zionist struggle,” he stated.

Despite the announcement of a ceasefire, terrorists continued to send incendiary kites and balloons across the border into Israel on Monday. In response, the Israeli Air Force hit two Hamas positions in the northern Strip.