‘So inspiring’: Jonathan Pollard marries in Jerusalem

Pollard, 68, lost his wife Esther nine months ago to cancer. This is his third marriage.

By World Israel News Staff

Former American-born spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard, who spent decades in prison before immigrating to Jerusalem at the end of 2020, married for the third time Thursday evening.

Pollard, 68, lost his wife Esther nine months ago to cancer. He divorced his first wife, Anne, in the 1980s, after she was released from prison.

Anne served three years in connection with his spying on behalf of Israel.

Pollard has no children.

His new bride, Rivka Abrahams-Donin, a member of Israel’s Chabad hasidic movement, was widowed and is the mother of seven.

“It is so inspiring to get married here in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people,” Pollard said, Israel National News reported. “I am so excited, and I want to thank the whole Jewish people for celebrating with us.”

“I’ve conducted many weddings, but I cannot remember any time when I was quite as touched as now,” said Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and former Chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar, according to INN.

“All of us, the Jewish people, owe Jonathan so very much, and perhaps one day we will know just how much he sacrificed – not for a single moment only but for decades of travails behind bars,” he added.