South Korea acquires Israel-developed missile warning system

South Korea is acquiring another two Israel-developed Oren Yarok early-warning radar systems.

By Jack Gold, World Israel News

South Korea’s State Procurement Agency announced Tuesday it will acquire two Oren Yarok (Green Pine) early-warning radar systems from the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).

South Korea has already acquired two such systems, which are expected to be deployed by 2020.

The cost of the deal is estimated at almost $300 million. Seoul is seeking to bolster the country’s early warning system against North Korea’s threats in light of reports of successful missile tests the dictatorship has conducted.

According to the IAI’s description, the Green Pine Radar Systems is a transportable, ground-based radar system, designed to autonomously detect and simultaneously track dozens of Tactical Ballistic Missiles (TBMs) from long ranges, under all weather conditions and in the presence of other undesired signals.

The technology implemented in the radar includes thousands of transmitting and receiving modules that provide high redundancy, graceful degradation, high reliability and high availability.

The Green Pine is operational in the Israel Air Force (IAF) as part of the mid-range Arrow defense system and improves the performance of any ballistic missile defense System.