‘Suicide drones’ attack US army base in Syria as payback for US airstrike in Baghdad

The strikes happened just a few hours after the US assassinated a Kata’ib Hezbollah commander in Baghdad.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

A series of explosions occurred close to a US army base in Syria, as reported by the Al Mayadeen media network in Lebanon.

The blasts occurred at a base where US troops have been stationed since 2017 in the Al-Omar oil field located in the Kurdish region of northeastern Syria.

The explosions were created by a “swarm of suicide drones” according to Egypt-based Bayan-gate News, and it is the second time this week a US base in northeastern Syria was attacked.

The strikes were a retaliation for US airstrikes against Iran-backed terror targets.

The US began striking these targets in response to the three US servicemen who were killed at a base in Jordan close to the Syrian border.

The strikes on the US army base in Syria happened just a few hours after the US assassinated a Kata’ib Hezbollah commander in Baghdad who was responsible for attacks against US soldiers.

Iraqi media named the commander as Abu Bakr al-Saadi, the head of Kata’ib Hezbollah’s aerial division. He was traveling in an SUV with two other men when the vehicle exploded. The others in the car were identified in Iranian reports as fellow terrorists in the organization.

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The Kata’ib Hezbollah is one of several groups operating on Iran’s behalf in Iraq, working under the title of “Islamic resistance in Iraq.”

The group is responsible for drone strikes against Israel and attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria.

The Islamic resistance in Iraq is connected with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, a group the US has targeted in its airstrikes.

Regarding US response to Iran-backed terror groups, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) said in a statement on X, “The United States will continue to take necessary action to protect our people. We will not hesitate to hold responsible all those who threaten our forces’ safety.”