‘Super scary’ – Jenin terrorists shoot, hit houses in Israeli town

Terrorists unleash hail of bullets on Israeli town across the Green Line; multiple homes, vehicles struck, but no injuries reported.

By World Israel News Staff

Terrorists from Jenin fired across the Green Line on Sunday afternoon and struck homes and cars in the Israeli town of Gan Ner in what was the third incident of its kind in recent months.

Gan Ner is located in the Gilboa Regional Council in northern Israel, about a mile away from a checkpoint leading into a Palestinian Authority-controlled area of Judea and Samaria.

The town is visible from the city of Jenin, which has long been a hotbed of terror.

On Sunday, Palestinian media reported that terrorists from the Islamic Jihad’s Jenin Battalion opened fire towards Gan Ner, unleashing a hail of bullets that struck houses and vehicles.

Pictures from Gan Ner on social media showed extensive damage to property, including bullet holes in windows, through doors, and even through a sofa in a resident’s living room. Multiple cars were also hit.

Noting that nobody was injured in the attack, Gilboa Regional Council head Oved Naor told Channel 12 News that “it is a great miracle, and only by luck, that residents who were at home at the time were not killed. This is a very disturbing incident.”

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Ronen Salzman, whose home was struck by multiple bullets, told Channel 12 News that he was shocked by the damage to his home.

“I got home and saw holes in the living room,” he said. “At first I didn’t connect it to the shooting. I thought my son and his friends did it by mistake.”

Then, Salzman continued, “I saw an entrance and exit hole in the couch and realized it was a bullet hole. They hit the place where we sit during the day.”

Describing the situation as a “ticking time bomb,” Salzman urged the government to respond immediately.

“There is a terrorist organization here that manages to shoot houses. Do you want us to turn into the Gaza Strip 2? We no longer have [a decent] quality of life. These events are Russian roulette. Today it’s my house; tomorrow, it’s the neighbor’s house.”

Chen, a resident of Gan Ner, told Channel 12 that the attack was “super scary, I can’t get it out of my head.”

She added that she is afraid to walk the streets of her town because “who knows if this is a one-time incident or rather a planned series of terrorist attacks that could happen again in the near future and harm innocent people.”

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In a separate incident also on Sunday, terrorists shot at Mevo Dotan in northern Samaria. No injuries were reported in the attack.