Survivors request terrorist who shot them not be freed in hostage exchange deal

‘The news of the terrorist’s early release has severely damaged (their) sense of security and makes it difficult for them to fully recover.’

By World of Israel News Staff

Two victims who survived a terrorist shooting in East Jerusalem this year have said the release of their assailant as part of the hostage deal will impede their recovery.

Sixteen-year-old Ibrahim Sultan Zamer’s name is on a list of 300 Palestinian prisoners who may be freed in exchange for hostages taken by Hamas.

However, Yaakov Mozes, 48, and Moshe Hass, 50, who were shot multiple times at point-blank range on April 18 as they drove in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah demand that Zamer’s name be removed from this list.

After intensive surgeries and a long recovery period, both men are in stable condition but have said the potential release of Zamer may cause them emotional distress that will hinder their full recovery.

Although the two men have made significant progress in their ability to function, they are still going through rehabilitation.

After shooting the two men, Zamer fled the scene but was caught in Nablus and was set to stand trial for two counts of attempted murder.

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Honenu, an organization that provides legal representation for activists and terror victims, has said they don’t know whether Zamer might have already been released in the 4th hostage exchange or whether his release is still pending.

Haim Bleicher, an attorney at Honenu, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanding Zamer’s name be removed from the list.

“My clients were horrified to hear that this terrorist was on the list of candidates for release, even before he stood trial.”

The letter continued, “The news of the terrorist’s early release has severely damaged my clients’ sense of security and makes it difficult for them to fully recover and return to normal life. Furthermore, this is a terrorist who carried out a serious attack and is an immediate danger to the citizens of Israel.”

“It is not right for a terrorist who carried out an attack that miraculously did not end in murder, and while the wounds from that attack are still healing, and before the terrorist has even served a year in prison, to be released.”

The Prime Minister’s Office did not respond or comment on the request.