Suspect arrested for bomb threats against Jewish centers

The suspect arrested by the FBI for a number of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the US is accusing his ex-girlfriend of framing him. 

A disgraced former reporter for The Intercept, Juan Thompson, was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, on Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for an apparent connection to a number of recent bomb threats against Jewish institutions across the US.

Federal authorities say that Thompson’s first suspected threat occurred on January 28, when sending an e-mail to the Jewish History Museum in New York City from a decoy account that was meant to be tied to his ex-girl friend. The e-mail said that “Juan Thompson put 2 bombs in the History Museum set to go off Sunday.”

Similar threats were then conveyed to several other Jewish institutions, including a nearby Jewish community center.

Shortly thereafter, the FBI started to investigate Thompson, at least according to his own tweets.

“FBI is coming to interview me for some tweets,” tweeted Thompson on February 10.

“Can’t get over it: A white woman I used to date and love told the FBI that I hated white ppl and wanted to bomb them. Wow.”

The woman referenced by Thompson is Francesca Rossi, who he accuses of framing him.

“I’m been tormenting by an anti-semite named Francesca Rossi,” he wrote in another tweet. “She sent an antijewish bomb threat in my name.”

Thompson also expressed adamant opposition to President Donald Trump, who recently condemned threats against Jewish institutions in his first address to the US Congress this past week.

“Trump is not insane. That’s a slur against ppl who actually suffer w/mental health issues. He is simply a racist/sexist/capitalist monster.”

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News