Syrian opposition leader calls on Israel to aid rebels

While Israel extends humanitarian aid to Syrian victims of the civil war, a Free Syrian Army spokesman is demanding it do  more.  

A Syrian opposition leader has called on Israel to offer military assistance to Syrian groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

In filmed remarks posted on Saturday on social media, Fahd al-Masri, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army (FSA), appealed to Israeli decision makers and the Israelis in France, saying that now is the time to help the Syrian people.

Al-Masri said the Jewish people especially, who experienced the Holocaust, must understand that genocide is taking place in Syria.

He also said that Judaism is part of the culture and heritage of Syria, adding that synagogues and Jewish institutions will be rehabilitated and lost property will returned to the owners if the FSA wins.

Aleppo’s province in Syria has seen increasingly heavy fighting in recent days, as Assad’s forces and the Russians push to gain ground previously lost to the rebels.

Israel has extended humanitarian aid to refugees in Syria, and has treated thousands of wounded Syrians in Israeli hospitals. However, it has refrained from extending military aid to any of the fighting parties, stating that it will not intervene in the civil war.

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By: World Israel News Staff