Taylor Swift bashed for attending benefit for anti-Israel group

Megyn Kelly calls to boycott Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for supporting Palestinian aid organization Anera.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Political commentator Megyn Kelly called last week to boycott megastar Taylor Swift for supporting an anti-Israel aid group after she attended a performance whose proceeds went to the American Near East Refugee Aid organization (Anera).

Citing human rights organization NGO monitor, which has shown that Anera is “highly political” and “contributes to the demonization of Israel,” Kelly said that the singer “owes Israelis and Jewish Americans an apology” for going.

“I hope they boycott her events until she issues it, because attending this thing was wrong,” she added.

The journalist noted that Taylor supports gays, women’s rights and the LGBT community, but “see what they do in Gaza” to these populations, she said, urging Time Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year to “do some Googling.”

Swift has not condemned the Hamas massacre of 1,200 people in Gazan envelope communities during its October 7 invasion, nor its terrorists’ systematic use of rape as a tool of terror during their hours of slaughter and mayhem.

“You know what Hamas likes to do to women? You think we have equal rights over there, Taylor?” she asked rhetorically.

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Swift had gone to hear comedian Ramy Youssef at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on December 8, along with fellow singer Selena Gomez and actress Zoe Kravitz.

Youssef, an American of Egyptian extraction who has called for a ceasefire in the war Israel is currently fighting against the Gaza-ruling terror organization, had previously announced that he was dedicating all the money earned from the last 12 nights of his More Feelings Tour to Anera, to help it provide “humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza.”

In an interview with Vulture.com last week, Youssef had compared Israel’s defensive actions to eradicate the terror threat on its border to the slaughter of innocents in other countries.

“What is happening to people in Palestine, and has been happening, has been very close to my heart and very much like what’s happened to the Uyghurs in China and to Syrians in their own country,” he said.

Anera claims that it helps only needy Palestinian refugees in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Jordan and Lebanon, and since the American government has designated Hamas as a terrorist group, it “does not work or even coordinate with them.” However, it has been cited by NGO Monitor as “engag[ing] in biased anti-Israeli political activities, and its publications erase the context of terrorism and promote the Palestinian narrative” vis-à-vis the Mideast conflict.

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In past reports, for example, Anera “draws an immoral equivalence between victims of suicide bombings and the terrorists themselves,” and talks of Palestinian suffering due to Israeli airstrikes without mentioning the fact that the IDF is reacting to indiscriminate rocket fire by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians, the research institute wrote.