Tel Aviv city hall lights up in solidarity with America

As coronavirus infections soar in both countries, Tel Aviv City Hall was lit up with the American flag “in solidarity with the American people.”

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

In a sign of solidarity with the American people who are battling the coronavirus pandemic, Tel Aviv lit up its city hall building Tuesday with the American flag.

“Tonight city hall is lit with the #US flag in solidarity with the American people and the residents of our partner cities: @Chicago, @LACity, @nycgov, @MiamiDadeCounty, @PhiladelphiaGov, @COSAGOV,” the message read on the city’s official Twitter account.

Mayor Ron Huldai tweeted, “We hold you close to our hearts.”

The gesture was noted by U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who tweeted back his appreciation for the gesture.

“Touched to see Tel Aviv City Hall lit with the American flag tonight, a show of solidarity with the United States during this time of mutual crisis,” Friedman said. “Our two countries have long cherished a special relationship and share a resilient spirit. We will get through this together.”

The Tel Aviv message came as the death toll in America from the coronavirus soared past 3,500 Tuesday with the crisis deepest in New York, mentioned in the mayor’s tweet.