Terror thwarted: Explosion in Tel Aviv park, terror suspects caught

No casualties reported during explosion in popular Tel Aviv park. Israel security officials detain suspects.

By World Israel News Staff

Following an explosion in the Yarkon Park in central Tel Aviv on Friday, three terror suspects were arrested.

An explosive device was planted next to a tree, according to initial reports. Noticed by a passerby, it was immediately reported to police. There were no casualties.

Several hours later, plainclothes officers from the Shin Bet, Israel’s national security agency, detained the suspects in Ramla, near Tel Aviv, blocking a major highway. No explosives were found in the vehicle.

During questioning, one of the suspects acknowledged responsibility, the Shin Bet said.

Of major interest is whether the explosive devices originated from Iran. At a conference on Sunday, Mossad spy chief David Barnea said that the Islamic Republic was “relentless” in its efforts to attack Israelis and Jews around the world.

“It is now time to exact a different kind of toll on Iran,” he said. “Any harm to either an Israeli or a Jew, in any form, will result in a response far inside Iran, reaching even the core of Tehran, and will include everyone from executing officers to the policy makers.”

Israel is on heightened alert. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a meeting Sunday with the heads of all the security bodies in Israel to discuss preparations for a possible wave of terrorist attacks during the High Holiday season that begins with Rosh Hashana on Friday night.

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The year 2023 has been the deadliest since the Second Intifada.