Terror victim’s widow at funeral: ‘How will I tell the children?’

The three murdered victims of the Independence Day terror attack in the city of Elad were laid to rest after a joint funeral procession.

By World Israel News Staff

Elad terror victims Yonatan Habakuk, Boaz Gol and Oren Ben Yiftach, who together were the fathers of 16 children, were laid to rest on Friday after a joint funeral procession attended by thousands who came from across the country early Friday afternoon.

Following the service, Habakuk was buried in Elad; Ben Yiftach, 35, was buried in Lod, and Gol was laid to rest in Jerusalem.

Ben Yiftach had six children. His wife cried out, “How will I tell children who love you so much and are so connected to you?”

Gol and Habakuk each left a wife and five children.

“My heart refuses to believe I was left alone with five orphans. My heart aches that my tender child saw his father in his last moments, ” Habakuk’s wife wrote on a neighborhood Facebook post. Her husband had tried to fight one of the terrorists – witnessed by their six-year-old son – but lost his life while trying to defend others.

‘War between Islam and Judaism’

Elad is a predominantly haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, city. But the rabbi of the Religious Zionist community there said,”Boaz, Yonatan and Oren were not killed because they are ultra-Orthodox. They were killed because they are Jews in the Land of  Israel. The terrorists wanted to harm Jews. There is a war between [Radical] Islam and Judaism, between Arabs and Jews. And we will win,” Channel 12 reported.

“Yesterday we sat and laughed. We are in a dream and suddenly sad and broken that there is nothing that can comfort. There is nothing that can comfort,” a friend of Ben Yiftach said, according to the Hebrew-language site.

“I have not yet digested it,” Gol’s son said in his eulogy, Channel 12 reported. “When I got home from the yeshiva, I was told that Dad lost a lot of blood – and did not survive…

“It is very difficult for us now.”